Pushing Projects Forward

Global Winds Harvest is a privately-owned wind energy developer that has been working throughout the U.S. since 1999. We believe that wind energy is a cost competitive alternative to electricity generated from all other fuel sources – with the great advantage to consumers that the costs of producing this power do not include negative impacts to our air and water and to the health of our children. Wind power is also constant in cost and thus can help to stabilize U.S. energy markets made increasingly volatile by fluctuations in the price and availability of natural gas.

Our business model is focused on early to mid/late stage project development – site selection, land securing, meteorology, environmental risk avoidance, permitting, and the evaluation of interconnection/transmission issues. As such, we frequently collaborate with larger developers who are looking to acquire maturing assets and bring them to construction. This kind of partnership has resulted in the successful permitting and construction of projects in Pennsylvania (Bear Creek – 24 MW), New York (Cohocton – 125MW), and North Dakota (Tatanka – 180MW, Thunder Spirit – 107.5MW). We’ve also pushed several green-field projects through state-level permitting (e.g., 138MW in MN, 135MW in KS, 75MW in NY). These projects were subsequently purchased by large running-asset wind companies.

Although we are a relatively small company by contemporary industry standards, we are at the same time among the most experienced developers now working in the U.S. We believe that this core experience, combined with the speed and flexibility of our business dealings, makes Global Winds an attractive development partner and we are always happy to discuss opportunities to collaborate.