wind energy project in South DakotaGlobal Winds Harvest is a privately owned U.S. wind energy company formed in 1999 by engineers and principals of one of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers. We are proud of our global wind energy experience and happy to have contributed to the great success that countries such as China, Egypt, Germany and Spain have had in converting their wind resources into clean energy.

Global Winds Harvest was formed to put this successful development experience to work here in the United States. We believe that wind energy is a cost competitive alternative to electricity generated from all other fuel sources – with the great advantage to consumers that the costs of producing this power do not include negative impacts to our air and water and to the health of our children. Wind power is also constant in cost and thus can help to stabilize U.S. energy markets made increasingly volatile by fluctuations in the price and availability of natural gas.

Although large-scale wind power projects are typically sited over thousands of acres of landscape, the overall footprint (i.e., the land area taken up by access roads and wind turbines) is relatively small – on the order of 3-5% of the total project area. The beauty of this fact is that projects sited in rural agricultural areas can produce clean energy at the same time they provide extra revenue for local farmers – with little or no impacts to existing farm operations. The end results are clean domestic energy, the promotion of rural economies, the preservation of existing rural land uses, and the associated preservation of valuable wildlife habitat.